I never MEANT to become a Beachbody coach. I had a two month old baby, at least 20 extra pounds, had just sold our house of 10 years and moved. My good friend (and coach) Cortney had been telling me how Shakeology was helping her lose weight and something about little containers and workouts that I didn't care about.  All I wanted was to drink Shakeology and if I could get it at 25% off, sign me up!  I had been in the process of finding a new gym, so I only bought 21 Day Fix because it was just $10 extra. I had zero plans of using those DVDs. The containers maybe. 

I started drinking Shakeology daily for breakfast.  I couldn't believe how easy it made getting to work.  I immediately started seeing a difference in my hair, nails and skin. I still hadn't found a gym and had been trying to work out at home by watching videos on YouTube while my husband was working nights.  Cortney gave me a look and said "use the DVDs".  So I did.  I got stronger and stronger every day.  I changed my eating habits and I stopped getting stomach aches after I ate.  My immune system was noticeably stronger, I was happier and people noticed.  Then I started having goals, like fitting into a special dress or wearing a bikini by summer because I was actually loosing weight, something that wasn't happening at the gym or by counting points. 

Friends and family wanted to know what I was doing, so I started learning and reading about the Beachbody products I was using.  At first I had jumped into drinking Shakeology because I trusted my friend, but now I knew why I had to keep drinking it for the heath benefits.  I wanted my husband and friends and other family members to be getting this amazing nutrition too.  So in January of 2015 I started coaching- helping others on their health and fitness journey. I wasn't at my "ideal" weight. I wasn't a fitness professional. I was a person who believed in the products and in the people around me. And the weirdest thing happened. I became a happier person. See, I thought I was optimistic, outgoing, positive, friendly. But that was only within my own little comfort zone. Beachbody pushed me outside it where I've grown and changed. Where I've met countless new people, forged new friendships, changed my perspective... And that's what I really love about being a Beachbody coach, believing in me!

Do you have a helping heart?

Do you want to cover the cost of your Shakeology or earn extra income?

Are you a go-getter?

You could make an awesome coach, and I can help you get started!  Fill out the application below!
My beautiful family in 2014
and in 2015!

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