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Hi, I'm Meaghan!  I wear a lot of hats, mostly because I love to be busy.  I have come to the conclusion that if I were to stop one of my hobbies, I'd just pick another one up.  And since these make me so happy, I'll keep it up!  So who am I??  The first thing I always says is that I'm a mom to three little boys, then a wife, teacher, independent Beachbody coach, Cub Scout Den Leader and Teachers Pay Teachers seller... I think that covers it!

My husband Tom and I met in ninth grade study hall.  He was new to the school and I felt bad he was sitting alone, so a friend and I sat down with him.  We became quick friends, but it wasn't until the summer before senior year that we finally started dating.  We went to SUNY Cortland together where I majored in Elementary Education/Geology and where I also got my master's in Education/Instructional technology.  After college we got married and now have three beautiful boys.  I currently teach fifth grade for the ninth year, and I also spent two years teaching first in between shifts in fifth.. it's a crazy, beautiful life!

So, how do I make time for all of it?  I prioritize tasks, I keep an up to date to do list and calendar on my phone that syncs to my husband's, and most of all I WANT to make it work, so it does.  I love all of these hats I wear and I don't want to lose any of them, so I find the time.  And I find satisfaction in knowing that a lot of my tips, ideas and Beachbody products are helping OTHER PEOPLE to make it work, too, and that makes me super happy.

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