Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Spa-cial Mother's Day

For years I tried to find the perfect Mother's Day craft for my students to give to the special lady in their lives.  Painted bird houses were fun, craft kits were usually junk, picture frames were cliche... what could I give that I would also like to receive?

Enter hand scrubs!

Easy and inexpensive, they make a great impression.  In fact I have gotten more "thank yous" from moms for this gift than any other.  Its useful and pretty!

Here's what you need:
Baby food jars (I have started asking for these on my school supply list.  The earlier you ask the better!)
Epsom salts (I get plain, this bag will last you forever)
Avocado or other oil 
Lavender buds (optional, but this package will also last a long time)
Big bowl, spoons and measuring cups

So, in a large bowl mix 1 cup of Epsom salts to 4 Tablespoons of oil, and 1 Tablespoon of lavender buds (if you're using them).  If the mixture seems dry, add more oil by the tablespoon, but it should NOT be too oily.  Have your students help you do the measuring to make this a great learning experience.  You can also talk about ratios to figure out how to scale the recipe.  That's it!  Help the kiddos spoon the mixture into their babyhood jars and decorate with a ribbon.  Last year's class asked if they could make labels with construction paper and that was adorable so of course I said yes.

You might also want to purchase this awesome creativity by Fluttering Through First Grade... my students loved adding all the details.  I purchased people colored construction paper so that they could make the card look just like mom!  It also includes the cute gift tag for the jar.

**** Please note that I do NOT recommend the use of essential oils in this craft.  I promise the lavender buds are enough.  Many oils are not safe for use around children and you cannot account for allergies in students or gift recipients.  And heaven forbid they should ingest or get some in their eyes while helping you!!

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