Monday, July 17, 2017

Shift Your Nutrition with Shift Shop: Free eBook!

I just got back from Coach Summit in New Orleans which is probably a series of blog posts in and of itself, but this one is just about the newest program that I'll be starting next week, Shift Shop.  At summit we got to hear the creator, Chris Downing, talk about what makes this program (available NOW) so unique, including the meal plan.

There are a lot of rumors going around that this nutrition plan is no carb, or ketosis, but that's not quite true. The Simple Shift Plan is straightforward and simple to figure out: You take a quick quiz to find your calorie level, then find the corresponding plan that tells you how much to eat from a series of color-coded food lists.

While the Simple Shift isn’t technically a Portion Fix program, it can work with the Beachbody Portion Control Container System if you already have them. If you don’t, you can get them here, but it's not necessary to follow the program.

WEEK 1: The first week features a fairly standard balance of macronutrients with a moderate amount of starches and legumes (beans and peas).

WEEK 2: The second week cuts back the starches and increases the protein.

WEEK 3: Now it’s time to get serious.You’re eating starch- and legume-free so that all your carbs come from veggies and fruit. Comfort foods are gone.

It’s NOT a Low-Carb Diet

Keep in mind that The SHIFT SHOP nutrition plan is not a low-carb diet. At the start of the program, carbohydrates make up 40 percent of your daily diet, dipping down to 30 percent by Week Three.

It’s also not a ketosis diet, where carbs dip down to 10 percent of your diet. Ketosis diets also feature reduced protein, so as to force your body to utilize fat stores. Given protein is important in helping with muscle growth and recovery, the SHIFT SHOP doesn’t take that route.

If you had to align the Simple Shift with any diet trend, it’s not far off from Paleo eating, thanks to the progressive elimination of grains and legumes. The exception to this is the inclusion of diary, but thanks to the extensive list of choices in the protein food list, those foods can easily be left out.

As someone who has been following the 21 Day Fix style meal plan for a couple of years now, I'm looking forward to trying a new eating plan, and thankfully Beachbody gives me all the tools I need, including a recipe booklet with EIGHTY ONE recipes that I'm going to share with you!  And if you're looking to see results from Shift Shop, click here!  We have a challenge group starting soon with all the accountability you need to see results from this three week program!

Just click below to download!

Who is the SHIFT SHOP for?

Because of Chris’ “ramp-up” method, and because there’s an incredible modifier to follow, anyone can use the SHIFT SHOP to reach his or her next level of fitness:

• Men and women of any age or fitness level
• Beginners looking to start their fitness journey
• Graduates of Beachbody beginner programs, such as 21 Day Fix, and people of intermediate fitness levels who want a bridge toward more extreme workouts
• Those who enjoy athletic activities and want to become leaner, faster, stronger — as well as former high school and collegiate athletes who want to get back to where they were
• Anyone who wants to achieve significant results quickly

I hope you'll join us!