Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Is the 3 Day Refresh for You?

The first time I bought the Three Day Refresh it sat in my pantry for about 6 months.  I was kind of intimidated.  Three days of depriving myself??  NO thank you.  I was used to eating so much food on 21 Day Fix.  It seemed like a good idea at the time I bought it, but never seemed quite the right time to break out the box.

Then one day in June of 2015, a little black dress from Neiman Marcus showed up at my door!  What was this!  In the middle of the night my husband ordered it for me because he thought I would look nice in it (isn't he a keeper??).  I tried it on right away, thinking I would wear it to an upcoming wedding in July.

It.  Didn't.  Zip.

It got up to my chest and stopped.  I felt so bad I was going to have to return this beautiful, romantic gift.

Now I had a goal.  Fit into the dress.  I started hitting 21 Day fix hard and decided that three days before the wedding, I would do the Three Day Refresh.  The general plan on refresh (which can be vegan if you choose) is to drink Shakeology, special high protein shakes twice a day, a fiber drink and healthy fats and veggies throughout the day.  You are supposed to cut out all dairy, and are not really supposed to drink coffee, but I don't like green tea, so I learned to drink my coffee black.

The first day was hard.  I got kinda hungry around lunch time.  Some people don't like the refresh shake, but I happen to think it tastes like vanilla Shakelology.  I have also read reviews where refreshers get bad headaches, either from detoxing or caffeine withdrawal.  I didn't have this problem, but I was already eating clean and had cut out a lot of caffeine from my diet.  I also didn't mind the fiber drink (no, you won't have to run to the bathroom, it just helps you feel full).  You are allowed an optional cup of broth in the evening and I was all over that.  The second and third day were much, much better.  I was feeling lighter and healthier, and I wasn't having any cravings and actually didn't feel deprived after all.   The recipes in the book were actually pretty yummy, I still like to eat the steamed veggies with coconut oil. I didn't even bother with the broth after the first night.

Aside from helping me lose pounds and inches, and detox my system, the Three Day Refresh helped me break a plateau and break some bad habits.  I was using the wrong portion size for my peanut butter serving and stopped really caring.  I was also snacking at night, which I didn't need to be doing.  It was just habit.  I highly recommend Three Day Refresh if you are having any of those blocks standing in the way of your goals.

So... here are the results of my first Three Day Refresh....

I lost 5.8 POUNDS and 3.5 inches... and not only did I fit in the dress and feel great, I also fit into my engagement ring, which hadn't fit in over 7 years.  AND it stayed off!  If you'd like to try Three Day Refresh, I can coach you through it.  I'll provide you with a customized shopping list and eating plan based on your preferences.  Just give me a shout through one of the contact methods on this page!

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