Saturday, April 2, 2016

Free 21 Day Boot Camp is Starting Soon!

Are you starting to think about summer?  I certainly am!  And to help you get ready, I am hosting a Free 21 Day Spring Bootcamp.  In order to participate, you must not be currently working with a Beachbody coach.  Here's how it works.

I'm going to create private Facebook challenge group for all the members.  Before an appointed day (but not too early!), each member must sign up for a Beachbody on Demand trial account.  This gives members access to thousands of dollars of premium Beachbody programs, along with their nutrition guides and calendars, free for 30 days.  Some of the included programs are Insanity, p90x, Brazil Butt Lift and some less intensity programs, such as Yoga Booty Ballet and Tai Cheng.  There are even exclusive workouts and the popular Challenge Du Jour, which is a workout from a different program everyday, but it actually follows a schedule to make sure you are working your total body!

The great thing about Beachbody is that you can work out at home and with minimal equipment, which is exactly why I got started.  I had small children at home and it was difficult to either drag them out to the gym, or to make arrangements for a sitter to stay at home with them.  Even when my husband was home, I would feel bad leaving for so long since the baby was so little.  Now I can workout when it is convenient to me, and with Beachbody on Demand it is even more convenient.  I can workout from my laptop, tablet, phone or certain streaming devices.  We have even introduced an app that allows you to access your program even when you don't have the internet.

Each day members and myself will post in the group to help to keep each other motivated and accountable.  It's only 21 days, you can do it!  To help keep you motivated I'll also be offering a prize to the member who accumulates the most points by participating!

I hope that answers some of your questions about the group.  If you are interested in joining or still have questions, please let me know.  We will begin April 11th, but the group will be forming starting the 4th.

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