Thursday, February 18, 2016

What is Your Ingredient List Hiding?

Ever since I started on my clean eating journey, I've been more conscious of the ingredients on my labels, more so than the nutritional information.  It will usually mean the difference between choosing one product over the other for my family.  You might know that my husband Tom is like a hot sauce connoisseur.  He eats hot wings a couple of times a week that he makes for himself.  Recently I went to the store to pick up a sweet chili variety of sauce for him to try.  There were two brands on the shelf, so I picked them up and turned them over.  One had an ingredient list a mile long and the other had less than ten ingredients.  Now I know that sweet chili hot sauce is obviously not a "clean" food, but sometimes we want to indulge and now I have the knowledge of how to do so smartly.

So here's the thing when you look at ingredient labels.  Remember in Home Economics when you learned that ingredients at the top of the list are greatest by weight, while those at the end of the list are the least?  While companies are required to list the "added sugars" they use, they aren't regulated into HOW they label them.  So they can take break apart those sugars into all their parts so that they appear near the end of the ingredient list and trick you into thinking there aren't as many sugars as there really are.  And with the World Health Organization recommending only 25 grams per day... that's going to add up quick!

Check out this HuffPost article  by Pooja Mottl for more information on how to spot these FIFTY SIX tricky sugar synonyms and check your cabinets too!

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